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Preparing After Applications are Submitted

Preparing After Applications are Submitted
Job seekers know that employment documents need to be refined to stand out in a crowd of applicants, but not everyone prepares for what will happen after these documents are submitted. Here are a few tricks to keep in mind to follow up on your job application:

Keep your phone on and answer calls from unfamiliar numbers as employers may try to call. If you cannot pick up the call, have a professional voicemail set up so they can leave a message. Call back as soon as possible in a convenient place and be courteous and professional.
Follow up with employers. Reaching out can help your application get a closer look. Follow up with a phone call or by writing an email or letter. Give the employer an appropriate amount of time to review your application. Contact in one to less than two weeks after your submission.
Be prepared for interviews. A great way to practice is to visit the Career Center. Career advisors can set up mock interviews to give you practice. Be sure to dress in the appropriate attire and have a list of questions in mind that you would like to ask when the interview is over.
A thank you letter creates an opportunity for you to reconnect with employers. It gives you the chance to develop rapport and recap the highlights of the meeting. The letter will allow you to revisit the reasons why you are the best candidate for the job and help you stick out.

For more tips or advice on your job hunt, visit the Snow College Career Center behind the Business Building in Ephraim, or in the Washburn Building room 155 in Richfield.