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Find Accomplishments for your Resume

Find Accomplishments for your Resume

Employers can better understand what your strengths and talents are if you list accomplishments rather than just past employment responsibilities on your resume. Accomplishments can be professional, educational, or personal landmarks. Showing how you made a difference, rather than just what you did can allow you to reap the benefits big time.

Listing accomplishments that show you have made a direct impact are great to list on resumes. Quantifying your achievements makes reading the resume easier for employers and gives them a clearer idea of what you can do. But what about the accomplishments that are not quantifiable?

Not all acts can be quantified, which makes it hard to come up with the accomplishments that you should list on your resume. Maybe you underestimated your impact in the workplace in past jobs or have just forgotten what you achieved. Anything that allowed you to increase customer satisfaction, reduce errors, increase productivity, or decrease problems can be listed on your resume.

Achievements that you should keep off your resume should include irrelevant successes, exaggerated information, or accomplishments that reveal sensitive information. For example, leading your high school football team to victory five years ago probably isn’t the best accomplishment to list when applying for a position in the financial field.

In most situations, it is best to list the accomplishments that are most relevant first. Look at the job description to help you figure out what achievements an employer would like to see.


For more tips about listing accomplishments on your resume, visit the Career Center in Ephraim behind the Business Building or go to Washburn Building 155 in Richfield.