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Internships - Faculty

Thank you for supervising your students in a real-world setting so they can explore their future career field, merge academic theory into hands-on practice, and gain workplace skills.

While you have autonomy to design your own internship course, there are some Snow College expectations and resources to assist you in providing your student with a quality internship experience.

Faculty Responsibilities

The department chair or appointed internship coordinator will coordinate the student experience. In some cases, they may even supervise the intern. Once a Faculty Mentor is assigned, their role is to supervise the student, evaluate assignments linked to the key performance indicators in your syllabus, and enter the final course grade.

To manage the internship experience for your student and their host employer, you may use the Internship Learning Agreement provided by the Snow College Career Center or your own if your department prefers another form.

The department chair will complete the payroll action forms for the faculty mentors. Only faculty with faculty rank may supervise the experience and the faculty mentor cannot be the work supervisor, too.

Links to Documents

Arrow Icon Internship Learning Agreement

Arrow Icon Course Add Form (requires department chair or internship coordinator signature)

Arrow Icon Faculty Senate’s approved Internship Description

Arrow Icon Create a syllabus with the Snow College’s Master Syllabus

Coming soon: Canvas Course template, links to student and employer evaluation forms, liability agreement.