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Working from Home

As technology changes more and more organizations are offering flexible work arrangements including the option for employees to work from home. As you look for opportunities to work from home/remotely be aware that there are many scam companies posting “get rich quick” job openings. For a rule of thumb: If a job seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious of applying for any position that requires you to spend any money up front and be sure that the organization is reputable before sending them your information.

Each year flexjobs puts out a list of the top 100 companies with remote jobs. This list will give you a good idea of what organizations are reputable and can be found here: Top 100 Remote Jobs

Interviewing online or over the phone can be just as difficult if not harder than interviewing in person. Keep in mind these tips to help you preform your best when faced with one of these interview situations:

  1. Dress as if you are heading into a face to face interview, even if you are interviewing over the phone dressing professionally will help you perform better.
  2. Find a quiet place for your interview; avoid using your home/dorm/car. Talk to the library to see if you can use a private workroom, if possible.
  3. Remember to take brief notes and prepare some questions to ask the interviewers.
  4. If you are going to be doing a skype or video interview make sure you practice using the equipment beforehand so you feel comfortable and avoid any issues.
  5. With video interviews make sure that the background behind you doesn’t have anything distracting or offensive.
  6. Make sure you ask the interviewers for their names and emails, then you can send them a follow up “thank you” email after the interview.
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