Housing Cost


Affordable Room Rates

Snow College provides some of the most affordable student housing in the state. There are plenty of options available, but our facilities fill up quickly so apply soon to select your desired room choice. 

Application Fee: $50 (non-refundable)
  Deposit Fee: $150 ($100 refundable, as per the contract)
Residence Hall Association Fee $8 (non-refundable programming fee)

NOTE: Discounts, Financial Aid and/or scholarships do NOT apply to the application/reservation fees.

Fall or Spring Only Contracts Available

An additional $150 charge is assessed for a Fall Only and Spring Only contract types. 

Deposit Fee

The Deposit Fee is refunded to a student’s account on the following refund within four (4) weeks after the contract term. $150 Deposit fee is paid at the time of application, $50 of which is non-refundable. 

Suites at Academy Square

Contract type Semester Rate
Double bedroom (8 person suite) $1,025
Double bedroom (6 person suite) $1,175
Single bedroom (8 person suite)  $1,599
Private room (double as private) on as an ADA Accommodation $1,975
  • Double as private rooms in 8 person suites only available for approved ADA Accommodations
  • $795 Badger Buck Card required for all contracts in Suites


Castilleja & Mary Nielson-Cooking Apartments

Contract type Semester Rate
Double bedroom 5 person apartment $975
Single bedroom 5 person apartment  $1,399
  • A $200 Badger Buck Card is required for all cooking apartments

Anderson Hall-Traditional Style

Contract Type Semester Rate
Double bedroom-Traditional Style                                          $925
Private bedroom-Traditional Style $1,299
  • $795 Badger Buck Card required for all non-cooking rooms


Snow Hall-Fine Arts Living Learning Community

Contract type Semester Rate
Double bedroom-Traditional Style $925
Single bedroom-Traditional Style $1,299
Double bedroom 5 person apartment $975
Single bedroom 5 person apartment  $1,399
  • This opportunity is only open to students receiving specific scholarships from the Fine Arts Division, or plans to be in the Fine Arts Division program(s).
  • Traditional Style rooms require a $795 Badger Buck Card and Apartments require a $200 Badger Buck Card


Nuttall Hall-Athletics Living Learning Community

Contract type Semester Rate
Private Sleep Study $TBD
Private Cooking Apartment $TBD
  • If you are an NJCAA athlete at Snow College, please contact your coach to see if you are eligible for this opportunity.
  • $200 Badger Buck Card required for all rooms in Nuttall Hall

Family Housing

Building Semester Rate Summer Rate
Greenwood Hall $1,599 $1,299
The Cottages $1,699 $1,399
  • No Badger Buck Card required