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2020-2021 Leadership Positions

2019-2020 ResLife Leadership Team


Resident Assistant

A Resident Assistant (RA) is a student staff member that helps provide each student with the resources necessary to be a successful student while living at Snow College. RAs are experts in caring about others and they are experts in connecting students to professionals on our campus. From unlocking doors, to providing fun activities in their buildings, and helping students find where they fit in these student leaders go above and beyond to aid residents in their building to create a meaningful college experience.



Resident Director

A Resident Director (RD) is a live in professional student staff member. These leaders each oversee/manage a Residence Hall and supervise a team of Resident Assistants. Their goal is to make sure that all students are being provided a safe and secure living environment and that everyone feels like they have a home on-campus. These professional student staff members handle the administrative side of their building's needs and work collaboratively with the Office of Residence Life in aiding in the success of our on-campus students.



Find a Frequently Asked Question section at the bottom of each application page! Still have questions? Come in to the Office of Residence Life or contact us at 435-283-7280 or by email at .