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Faculty Handbook

(Last updated February 7, 2012)


Thank you for teaching at Snow College. This handbook is designed to assist faculty to fulfill their duties and responsibilities at Snow College. While it is not exhaustive, it is hoped that the information on the following pages will be of benefit. The policy handbook will be updated yearly; however, many policies can be accessed from the Snow College web page which may contain more current information.

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Part-time adjunct faculty assignments are made each semester/term with a signed "Snow College Semester/Term Adjunct Teaching Agreement" and then processed through a "Payroll Action

Form" with no guarantee of continuation of employment beyond the particular semester/term assigned. The college shall not offer nor shall the Adjunct Faculty member accept any teaching assignments which exceed(s) 22.4 credit hour equivalencies per academic year in any combination of divisions, campuses, distance education locations, or other assignments paid by the college. Exceptions can be made in urgent circumstances and must be in the best interest of the college as approved by the Snow College President before the start of the semester/term. Adjunct faculty should not teach more than 11 credit hour equivalents during the summer semester/term unless approved in advance by the President. The part-time faculty time must be coordinated with all other employment at the college to reflect less than 75% time. Please note that some classes are compensated at more than the number of credit hours listed. The number of permitted teaching hours is figured at the compensation number.

Payroll Action Forms (PAF's) and Adjunct Faculty Teaching Agreement forms must be completed and contain the required signatures for approval, prior to payment for services rendered by college employees.

Upon authorization by the hiring department, part-time employees as defined under this policy will be issued a Snow College Part-Time Staff/Faculty Identification Card at the time of hire. The card entitles the holder to all of the privileges associated with a Full-Time Staff/Faculty Identification Card including, but not necessarily limited to, general admission or discounted prices for athletic and cultural events; Snow College Library card issuance; computer network access, Web and e-mail access; bookstore sponsored discounts; and other discounts associated with the ID card at either campus. The part-time ID card will expire each fiscal year but can be re-issued upon eligibility.

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The Testing Center is prepared to administer exams to students enrolled in Snow College classes; whether it be paper exams, web quizzes, or on-line testing the Testing Center can help. Contact Danon Jones at 283-7197 for more informatio

Snow College has a strong commitment to its employees to provide a safe workplace and to establish programs that promote a high standard of employee health and efficiency. The college expects employees to report to work assignments unimpaired and in a condition to perform their duties safely, efficiently, and inoffensively. Unsatisfactory job performance caused by alcohol or substance abuse will not be tolerated. Unsatisfactory job performance includes poor attendance, or conduct that is detrimental to the college, its students, fellow employees, or any person or agency with whom the college conducts business. This policy applies to all employees—administration, faculty, and staff including full-time, part-time, temporary, probationary, and student employees of Snow College. Violations of this policy will lead to disciplinary sanctions. A complete copy of the Snow College Alcohol/Drug Free Workplace Policy is found on the Snow College website.

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Snow College has a strong commitment to its employees to provide a safe workplace and to establish programs that promote a high standard of employee health and efficiency. The college expects employees to report to work assignments unimpaired and in a condition to perform their duties safely, efficiently, and inoffensively. Unsatisfactory job performance caused by alcohol or substance abuse will not be tolerated. Unsatisfactory job performance includes poor attendance, or conduct that is detrimental to the college, its students, fellow employees, or any person or agency with whom the college conducts business. This policy applies to all employees—administration, faculty, and staff including full-time, part-time, temporary, probationary, and student employees of Snow College. Violations of this policy will lead to disciplinary sanctions. A complete copy of the Snow College Alcohol/Drug Free Workplace Policy is found on the Snow College website.

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See receptionist at the Noyes Building Information Desk (second floor) to obtain form that needs completed before campus parking sticker is issued.

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You can print your class roll from Badger Web by following this procedure:  

Enter the Snow College Website, click on Employees and then Badger Web
Enter your User ID and Pin
Select Faculty & Advisors
Choose either Photo Class Roster or Summary Class List or if you want a lot of information, select Detail Class List
Note: Be aware that there will be a lot of photos missing from the photo class roll at the beginning of Fall Semester until students have had their pictures taken for their ID cards. You can always print another roll at any time in the semester that will have more photos.

Check that the students who attend the first day of class are on the printed roster. If there are unlisted students in class, please direct them to the Registration Office in the Greenwood Student Center to check on their registration status.

Students who are listed on the initial class roll but have not attended any class sessions, or students who have been attending classes but stop attending at any time without going through the official withdrawal process, may be assigned a grade of UW (Unofficial Withdrawal) .

This is the equivalent of an F and can only be assigned by you as the instructor.

Non attendance by a student must be reported on an Unofficial Withdrawal Form. It is critical for many of the offices to have this information, but absolutely necessary for the Financial Aid Office to know when last date of attendance occurred. The form can be obtained at the Registration Office or on the Registration Web page.

Submit the form to Beth Ann Ericksen, the Assistant Registrar.

Remember that an instructor cannot officially withdraw a student from a course.

The student is responsible to complete an add/drop form and turn it into either Student Success Office or Registration Office to be processed.

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If there are any changes made with your class schedule, please clear it through BethAnn Ericksen and your department chair before you inform your students. All classrooms are scheduled in advance. Therefore, we cannot guarantee you will have a room available on a different day or time than your scheduled class unless you arrange it in advance.

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For information on placing a class web page on the server, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communication. email address for this person 435.283.7017.

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COURSE DEVELOPEMENT (Online, Interactive Video, and Face-to-Face)
For information or assistance in developing your course materials, course design, and course pedogogy, or to explore idea for your course delivery contact the Teaching and Technology Center (TTC):

Phone: 283-7341


email address for this person

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COLLEGE PHONE LIST (Important Numbers)
Academic Help for Students:  email address for this person 283-7313

Cashiers Office: Joni Thomas 283-7292

Computer Help Desk 283-7088

Department of Public Safety: Chief Bob Wright 283-7170

General Snow College Phone Number 283-7000

Human Resources: Wayne Squire 283-7058

Huntsman Library: 283-7363

Payroll: Becky Welch 283-7064

Physical Plant: Leslee Cook: 283-7220

Presidents Office: 283-7010

Purchasing: Michael Jorgensen 283-7262

Registrar Office: Micah Strait 283-7145

Scheduling: NOYES 283-7002

GSC: Diane Adams 283-7100

Eccles Performing Arts Center:  email address for this person 283-7470

State Vehicles: Lynette Olson 283-7260

Switchboard: PLT Students 283-7002

Teaching and Technology Center (TTC): Chase Mitchell 283-7341

Testing Center: Danon Jones 283-7197

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Please see the department chair for questions regarding computer availability.

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Check with your department chair for information on using the department copy machine.

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Adjunct instructors will be expected to participate in course evaluations every semester. These evaluations will be conducted on-line through the Badger Web portal unless otherwise requested by deans or department chairs.

Instructional materials for student and faculty access are available from the Office of Institutional Planning and Research (Noyes 313). Adjunct instructors may contact Beckie Hermansen for more information ( email address for this person.

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Adjunct faculty may have Snow College e-mail addresses. For information and to obtain a college e-mail address, contact Ron Bradley at 283-7084.

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Check with your department chair regarding equipment requests.

Some A/V equipment maybe checked out of the Teaching and Technology Center for classroom use. .

Phone: 283-7341


email address for this person

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Finals are to be held at the scheduled time listed in the schedule bulletin. Faculty are expected to meet with their classes at the scheduled time. A Final Exam Schedule can be viewed on the Registrars web page.

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Faculty are required to submit grades within three working days after final exams.

This can be done via the web from any location. However, the faculty member must have a password and pin to submit grades. Prior to the end of the semester contact the Registration Office in the Greenwood Student Center, phone 435-283-7141, 7142, 7243, 7145, or 7146 for your password and more instructions. The current grade system consists of the following:


Letter Description Point Value
A Excellent 4.0
A- Excellent 3.7
B+ Above Average 3.3
B Above Average 3.0
B- Above Average 2.7
C+ Average 2.3
C Average 2.0
C- Below Average 1.7
D+ Below Average 1.3
D Below Average 1.0
D- Below Average 0.7
F Failing 0.0


Most classes at Snow College are graded with the Standard Letter Grade. There are a few courses that have written their approved syllabi with an alternate grade mode such as Pass/Fail. A student may not opt to have his grade mode changed to something other than what is on the syllabus approved by the Curriculum Committee. 

Special circumstances may call for the use of the following. Check with the Registration Office for details on applying these grades:

I - Incomplete (see below)
IE - Incomplete Expired (see below)
UW - Unofficial Withdrawal
AU Audit (Does not affect GPA)
Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better for graduation from Snow College.


Incomplete Grades

An Incomplete "I" Grade may be given if students have completed a substantial portion of the required class work, but are unable to complete the work for a legitimate reason (i.e. serious illness, accident).


Repeating the class should never be part of the conditions for giving an Incomplete Grade.

This would indicate that the student has not completed any of the required coursework.

The procedure for giving an incomplete grade in a course is:

Obtain an Incomplete Grade Agreement form from the Registration Window or Website.
Negotiate the agreement with the student.
Include in the agreement the reason an incomplete grade is needed, the work to be completed and the date the work is to be completed.
You may consult with your department chair.
 Return the signed agreement to the Registration Office. Keep a copy for yourself and the student.
The maximum time to complete the work is 12 months from the end of the semester in which the "I" was assigned. A grade of IE (Incomplete Expired) will be recorded if work is not submitted by the specified date. An IE is the equivalent of a failing grade.
A Grade Change Request Form should be submitted to the Registration Office by the instructor when a final grade is assigned.

Grade Changes

Only the instructor who awards a student a grade may later change that grade. Grade changes are limited to one year after the original issue. A student's grade may be changed only for one of the following reasons, which must be specified on the "Grade Change Request" form:


To replace an incomplete (I) grade for which the required work has now been completed.
To replace a grade which, due to a clerical error, has been incorrectly assigned.
To change a grade for any other reason, the instructor must specify the basis on which the change is justified. In fairness, all students in a given class should be given the same consideration when a grade change is contemplated for any individual. To initiate a grade change, the instructor must submit a Grade Change Request Form to the Registration Office. This form must be signed by the instructor and division chair, and be stamped with the division code.

Grading On-line

a. To grade a course, enter the Snow College website and click on "Employees" and then "Badger Web

b. Enter your faculty ID and pin number, both of which can be obtained from the Registration Office.

c. Select "Faculty and Advisors" and then "Final Grades"

d. Select the correct term and the CRN (Course Reference Number) for the class you want to grade.

e. Once the course has been selected, the class list of students will appear with a space to enter the students final grade.

f. Do NOT enter attend hours OR last attend date—just the grade.

g. Every student must be graded-do not leave any grade blank. And always remember to click submit at the bottom of each page, not just at the end.


Note: For your information, there is a time limit on each page. In addition, there may be two pages to grade. Often times, the second page does not get graded.

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Snow College maintains a Help Desk to assist faculty and staff with their computer trouble shooting. If you are having problems with your computer or printer, please contact the Help Desk at 283-7088. They will help you resolve your problems as quickly as possible.

For general information about the helpdesk go to:

To submit a ticket for computer help go to:

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The General Mission of the TTC is as follows:

Provide information or assistance in developing your course materials, course design, and course pedogogy, or to explore idea for your course delivery
Give faculty and staff access to instructional technologies (hardware and software) that would otherwise be too expensive or cumbersome for one department to maintain;
Train faculty and staff to use instructional technologies; and
Be a clearinghouse for information about new and existing instructional technologies.
We have both PC and Apple computers equiped with all the lastest software.and we provide training for uses in the following:

Adobe Master Suite Products, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Sound Booth, Illustrator, Acrobat, Flash
Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access,
Apple Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iDVD, Keynote
Flatbed Scanners, , 35mm Slide and Film Negatives, QTVR Authoring Studio, Large Bed Scanner (11x17).
Much More!!

Director: Chase Mitchell - 283-7341

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:p.m. Monday - Friday

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 All keys are to be issued based upon job need criteria as established by individual department heads.
 All key requests require a signature of approval from the department head and the building coordinator for the building in which the key is to be used.
 Grand Master keys require the additional signature of the President and each building coordinator.
 Obtain and complete a key request form with the required signatures for processing. (Forms are available at the Physical Plant, Room 104, or on the Web.)

The requesting individual will be notified when he or she may pick up the keys. The recipient of key(s) issued is responsible to control the use of the key(s) and must be the one to sign for receipt of the key(s) at issuance.

When keys are no longer required for access to facilities, resulting from a change of job assignment on campus, moving from an office, leaving school, or terminating employment, etc., keys must be returned to the Physical Plant, Room 104. Contact Christie Allred at Ext. 7220 for information regarding the key return procedure.

When keys have been misplaced, a lost key report must be filed with the Physical Facilities Dept. Forms are available at the Physical Plant, Room 104 or on the web.

The re-coring of doors and replacement of keys requires a fee of $30/door and $1.00/key be assessed and paid by the key recipient. Contact Leslee Cook at Ext. 7220 for information regarding the lost key report procedure.

Keys to campus facilities are the sole property of Snow College and will be duplicated only by the Physical Facilities Department. 

The unauthorized duplication of college keys and the use of keys for unauthorized access to college buildings is a misdemeanor and is subject to criminal prosecution.

Violators will be referred to the Director of Public Safety for appropriate disciplinary action or prosecution.

Main doors to college facilities will be opened week days by custodial personnel or building coordinators by 7:00 a.m. where appropriate and secured by security personnel based on building usage.

The physical plant does not unlock classrooms; if you need a classroom open please request a key for it.

Individuals will assume responsibility for turning off lights, locking of doors and closing windows in their assigned areas and buildings.

If an individual should require after hours access to a college facility for which he or she has not been issued a key, arrangements for access must be made through the building coordinator.

After scheduled hours utilization of college facilities is restricted to Faculty and Staff members, and only for access to the offices and laboratories for which they have been issued keys.

Please notify the physical plant so heating/cooling can be adjusted.

Students who have been issued keys must have written approval from the department head and building coordinator to be in a building on weekends, holidays and after 11:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Security of buildings and safety regulations will prevail over individual desires for access or convenience.

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A faculty luncheon is hosted (and paid for) by the VP of Academics most Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. (except the second Tuesday of the month)

in the Greenwood Student Center (GSC) Philadelphia Room. Faculty discuss issues concerning the College, faculty enrichment, and improving teaching.

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Regular and prompt attendance is expected of every student. Instructors may vary in their individual atten­dance policies. An instructor may submit an administra­tive drop or unofficial withdrawal (UW) if a student 1. misses the first day of class, or 2. ceases to attend class as evidenced by excessive un-authorized absences, missed exams and/or assignments.


Unofficial Withdrawals

If a student stops attending class, as shown by excessive unauthorized absences, missed exams and/or assign­ments but does not file a signed Change of Program Form with the Registration Office, the students perma­nent record will show a grade of UW or F for the course. Both of these are failing grades and will drasti­cally lower a students grade point average. To avoid the impact of a "UW" on his/her grade point average, a student must officially withdraw from a course by sub­mitting an add/drop form to the Student Success Center or Registration Office. A faculty member cannot officially withdraw a student. This is the student's responsibility.

Please note that each instructor must explain his or her attendance policy. Each instructor must define excessive class absences for the class in question. This should be stated in the syllabus and discussed on the first day of class. If attendance is a factor for grading or continued enrollment in a class, this must be clearly explained by the instructor on the first day of class.

Example (not suggested or required) for possible syllabus wording:

Attendance: A "UW" (unofficial withdrawal), will be submitted for a student if the student misses one exam, two consecutive assignments, three consecutive class periods, or five total class periods. If a student is involved in a college sponsored function proper documentation must be received to excuse an absence.

A failing grade of "UW" (unofficial withdrawal) may be submitted by the instructor if a student ceases to attend or complete assigned coursework.

To avoid the punitive impact of a "UW," it is the student's responsibility to officially withdraw from a course by submitting a "Change of Program" form no later than the tenth week of the semester.

See the current catalog for more details.


Academic Honesty

Snow College expects all students to uphold the highest standards of academic honesty. As a matter of prin­ciple, the college expects students to submit work that reflects their own learning, skills, and efforts. A student who knowingly cheats, commits fraud, or plagiarizes is in violation of this principle. Snow College does not tolerate such violations.

Please note that each instructor must explain his or her dishonesty policy. The policy should be included in the course syllabus.

Example (not suggested or required) of possible syllabus wording:

Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on tests or other course work, collusion, falsifying information and plagiarism. A student who has violated this policy may receive a zero on an assignment or test, or if the violation is serious enough, may receive a failing grade in the course.

When instructors do not explain their policies in a syllabus, the instructor's policies become almost impossible to defend.


Americans with Disabilities Act

All instructors must include the following notice in their syllabi:

Students with medical, psychological, learning or other disabilities desiring accommodations, academic adjustments, or auxiliary aids will need to contact the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC), Room 241 Greenwood Student Center, phone number (435) 283-7321. The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator at the Accessibility Resource Center (ACR) determines eligibility for and authorizes the provision of appropriate services and aids.

The college does not wish to dictate academic policies to instructors, but instructors who do not prepare and distribute a detailed syllabus for the first day of class place themselves and the college at significant risk of indefensible legal action.

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An employee or designated member of the student body may purchase items with petty cash, providing these specific steps are followed:

Individuals may use their own funds for small purchases and will be reimbursed providing there are sufficient funds in the account.

A petty cash form must be completed, and must show the cost code number, the authorizing signature of the account holder, and an itemized receipt showing the amount spent.

Reimbursements will be made through the Controller's Office.

The reimbursement limit in petty cash is $35.00.

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To schedule rooms on the Snow College campus call:

Activity Center - Carol Green - Ext. 7404

Eccles Performing Arts Center - Sherry Nielson - Ext. 7478

Greenwood Student Center - Diane Adams - Ext. 7100

Noyes Building - Stephanie Shelton - Ext. 7002 or 7001

West Campus - Jamee Wheelwright - Ext 7376

Class Rooms - BethAnn Ericksen - Ext. 7143

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The library maintains a physical reserve collection for books and media. Check at the front desk for assistance. Electronic copies of articles are hosted on Blackboard through the TTC.


Inter-Library Loan

Library materials may be borrowed from other libraries. Forms can be found at:


New Material Selection

The library relies heavily on faculty input in developing the general collection. Contact Lynn Anderson with book or media requests. EXT. 7366.  email address for this person.


Library Instruction

Librarians will provide instruction on database usage and general library research. Sessions can be customized to meet your needs. Classrooms are available in the library, but librarians can also meet with your students in your classroom. Contact Tiffany Harrison to arrange sessions

EXT 7361 

email address for this person

Faculty Development Collection

Housed in the faculty/staff room (107) is a collection of books selected on various topics in faculty development. The room is designed for faculty use and can be used as a break room with a couch, tables, refrigerator and microwave oven.

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Contact Mike Duncan for disposal of surplus equipment.

Paperwork must be filled out for computers or items with an inventory tag.

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Director: Danon Jones 283-7197

Location: Social Science Building

Regular Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Friday:9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Saturday:12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sunday: 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Please reserve testing space for your class as early in the semester as possible. During peak testing times during the semester, space is limited. Call the center for more information about procedures.

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Check with your department chair for guidelines regarding textbooks.

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Travel Reimbursement (As outlined in the College Travel Policy, 13.5.6)

The college reimburses reasonable expenses for travel on authorized college business at an established per diem rate. This includes transportation costs, overnight accommodations, meals, and other prior approved travel costs. Travel cost such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations, parking, and conference registration may be charged on your College issued Purchasing Card (P-card). Charges to the P-card are assessed directly to your department account and need not be reimbursed. You must ask and receive approval from your supervisor and division dean prior to travel.


Reserving a Vehicle

If faculty or staff have department and/or division approval to travel on college business, they'll need to complete a Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Form before the Motor Pool officer will schedule a vehicle. The forms are available in the Physical Plant front office or online at the Campus Services web home page under motor pool forms and links.

Motor pool vehicles are charged to the department, per mile driven. Mileage rates are published in the Schedule of Allowable Travel Rates

(As of August 2009 the rate is $0.40 or $0.65 per mile for motor pool vehicles and $0.41 for private vehicles).


Before a vehicle can be reserved or driven, the State of Utah requires all vehicle drivers to watch an on-line video and take a test, as well as, have a current Utah Drivers License. This test can be found at


Vehicle Keys

Keys for the vehicles can be picked up at the Physical Plant from office. Keys must be dropped in the drop box located in the motor pool area the day of return or brought to the office during the first working date following your travel.


Gas for Vehicles

There is a Gas Card in each vehicle and is to be used to obtain fuel (Each card is assigned to one vehicle and must be used just for that vehicle).

Gas cards are only accepted at certain gas stations throughout the U.S.. To find a station that will accept the card, you will need to go their website

A link is provided on the Purchasing web page, under Motor Pool. (Most Mavericks and Sinclair stations in the State of Utah accept the gas card). Each station that accepts the gas card will usually have a gas card sign posted somewhere on the property.

To use the gas card you will need your pin number (obtained through the motor pool office) and the current mileage of the vehicle being used (Do NOT enter tenths of miles). If mileage is entered incorrectly the State of Utah Motor Pool charges the department a $50 fee.


Returning a Vehicle

Return the vehicle to the parking garage. Pull it in forward. This lets the student workers know that it needs to be serviced for the next user. Return the keys and the reservation form with the mileage, back into the Motor Pool office, the same day or next working day.


Breakdowns on the Road.

Call ARI at 800-227-2273 and give them the information need.

This information is also in the glovebox. Help will be on the way. Once the vehicle leaves the campus, the driver is responsible for the vehicle until it is returned to Snow College Campus.


Purchasing Card

Purchasing cards (P-cards)/credit cards are available to full time and part-time employees of Snow College, who wish to make purchases for the College, with all appropriate approvals. The cards can be obtained by filling out an application and agreement forms.

These forms can be found on-line, on the Purchasing web page, under P-cards. Once done, the applicant must then attend a purchasing card training (held monthly), before a card will be issued. Each card holder must follow all appropriate procedures and guidelines of the College, governing the use of the cards and procurement.

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If problems of any kind arise, the faculty member, should see their appropriate supervisor first. If the problem is not resolved, then it should be taken to the Department Chair. Problems with students should initially be resolved with the student(s); if the problem persists, please see your direct supervisor, Department Chair, or Division Dean.

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No children or persons not part of the class are allowed in the classrooms without your permission as instructor.

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