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Teaching Triangles

Purpose: Some of the best faculty development experiences take place when we participate in peer-review of our teaching. Participating in a Teaching Triangle will allow you to do so and receive compensation for your time spent.

Overview: You will form a group of 3 with other full-time or adjunct faculty. You will observe each member of your group and then participate in a re-cap discussion. You will submit documentation for approval to your chair or dean, and then to the TLC committee. You will receive $150 in compensation for your development efforts.


  • Group: The group of faculty may be full-time or adjunct, with at least one person outside your discipline. You may form your group on your own, or you may indicate interest by signing up on the following page: Teaching Triangle Interest
  • Observations: You need to spend at least an hour observing each member of your group. The observation could be observing a class session, or it could be reviewing videos, assignments, or assessment materials on Canvas. Online classes may also be observed.
  • Re-cap Discussion & Teaching Improvement: After all observations have occurred (6 observations, two by each participant), your triangle should meet and have a discussion. As part of the discussion, create/fill out an Observation and Teaching Improvement document that highlights any/all of the following: what you learned, what you thought was excellent, any suggestions for continued improvement, any questions/responses about any course element, etc. A template document can be found here: Observation and Teaching Improvement
  • Submit to Teaching and Learning Center Committee: ;After everything is complete, submit your request for UQI funds by using the link at the end of this page. Your request will be automatically sent to your supervisor for approval, and then on to the committee. If the committee votes that everything has been followed appropriately, you will receive $150 in compensation.
  • Funding Limits: The compensation for teaching triangles will be taken from the $300/year ($150/year for adjuncts) allotted from the UQI monies. Full-time faculty may be thus compensated for two teaching triangles in a year (any future triangle should be unique). Or they could use any remaining portion of their UQI for other requests. Faculty are welcome and encouraged to participate in teaching triangles without compensation if they desire to use their UQI funds elsewhere.
  • Eligibility: An official review process (such as an FET) cannot be used for Teaching Triangle compensation. Faculty groups in foundations courses are also not eligible. Participation should be above and beyond what is expected from faculty fulfilling regular duties.