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Reimbursement and Travel Requests

Undergraduate Quality Initiative (UQI) Funds


Purpose: Each faculty member may request funds each academic year to use on purchases or activities that will improve the quality of undergraduate instruction. However, the money does not need to be spent on materials or activities to be done directly in the classroom, but should help the faculty member deepen or broaden their knowledge or skill set. The direct goal is faculty development; the indirect goal is improved instruction.

Funding Limits: A full-time faculty member can request up to $300 per academic year for this purpose in one lump-sum request (that is, one request per academic year). A part-time (adjunct) faculty member can request up to half that amount (i.e., $150 per academic year). An individual could also participate in a teaching triangle and then request the remaining $150 for purchase or travel reimbursement.

Approval: The Teaching and Learning Center Committee administers the UQI budget and considers and votes on each application. The application form is linked at the end of this page. Upon submitting an application, the request is first automatically sent to the faculty member’s academic supervisor for approval. Upon approval, it is sent to the committee for final approval.

Reimbursement: After approval, the money is transferred from the UQI budget to the specific department budget from which it is spent. Typically the funds should be spent only after receiving approval by the TLC committee, as approval is not guaranteed. Usually the funds will be transferred within 3-4 weeks

Types of Requests: Faculty members are encouraged to be creative in their requests. Anything that is educational and can provide benefit to the faculty’s development and teaching is possible. Most often, classroom supplies for students, or computer and office equipment will not be approved. Travel to conferences, registration fees for conferences and other development activities and membership dues are typically approved.