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Faculty Development: UQI Funds

What is UQI?
Undergraduate Quality Initiative (UQI) funds were originally appropriated  by the legislature to help faculty members better themselves and provide a quality experience for undergraduates.

How much funding is available?
Full time faculty may apply for up to $300 of UQI monies in an academic year. Adjunct faculty may apply for up to $150 per year.

Whose approval is needed?
All requests will be sent to your academic supervisor - typically your department chair for approval. A letter of support is not required, but a supporting comment may be added when approval is granted. Requests are then automatically forwarded to the Director(s) of faculty development and your request will be considered by members of the Teaching and Learning Center Committee.

What can the funds be used for?

  • You may purchase something that is used to develop your knowledge, skill set, pedagogical technique, etc... If the primary purpose is educational or to enhance your teaching, the reimbursement will likely be approved. Classroom supplies and office equipment (tablets, computers accessories, etc..) requests are more likely to be declined.
  • You may use UQI funds to help with the cost of travel to a conference, registration fees, or membership dues to a scholarly or professional organization.
  • You may receive direct compensation for participation in a Teaching Triangle