Nomination Form

Nominations for the inaugural Snow College Hall of Fame class are currently being accepted. The deadline for nominations is April 30th.

Athelete and/or Team Eligibility:

A former athlete or team is eligible for nomination to the Hall of Fame five years after graduation or departure from Snow College. The athlete must have attended Snow College for a minimum of two semesters.

An athlete must have earned a letter in their sport and have had significant team, conference, or national honors and accomplishments.

Coach and/or Support Staff Eligibility:

A Coach or administrator must have made significant contributions to Snow College Athletics and gained national accomplishments in his or her field of expertise, while establishing an image that reflects favorably upon Snow College.

A member of Snow College who has contributed greatly to the athletic department, must have served as an employee for aminimum of five years.

Individuals not officially connected with Snow College Athletics are eligible for nomination and each situation will be considered by the selection committee on an individual basis.

All nominees must possess qualities such as sportsmanship, character and integrity and show exceptional dedication to the mission and tradition of Badger Athletics.

If you have photos, newspaper clippings, or other documents supporting this nomination please send them to email address for this person after filling out this nomination form. 


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