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Academic Support Services

Center for Global Engagement

Director:  Becky Adams
Director of Global Learning:  Alex Peterson
Head of International Student Services:  Diana Montano
International Admissions Counselor:  Nate Thomas
International Student Services Assistant:  Nobue Swenson

Greenwood Student Center
(435) 283‑7430

The Center for Global Engagement is available for all students and faculty interested in global experiences. Additionally, the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) is available for international students who need advisement in academic areas, as well as areas of adjustment to life in Snow College. 

The CGE reviews files for international student admissions, works with the Immigration and naturalization services to facilitate international students in maintaining their legal status, and processes transfers to and from other colleges and universities. The CGE houses the ESL (English as a Second Language) program and the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Languages) program. 

The Center for Global Engagement offers housing placement, monitors insurance coverage, and helps with medical needs for international students. In addition, the CGE tracks students’ progress while at Snow College and has a tutorial program for international students needing help in academic courses. 

The CGE sponsors programs such as international partners and community outreach, which help strengthen international education at Snow College. The center also sponsors social activities each semester, the International Festival each Spring, advisement for the student International Club, and some programs for study and travel abroad.

Computer Lab
Ephraim Campus

Administrator: Mason Allgood
Karen Huntsman Library
(435) 283‑7360

The computer labs located in the Karen H. Huntsman library are for student use. Offering Windows PC and Mac, the labs are available and staffed with a student assistant whenever the library is open during the Fall and Spring semester.

Students are complimented $10 per semester for printing. Costs are 10 cents for black and white, and 30 cents for color prints. Complimentary balances do not roll over semester to semester. Large format printing is also available through the library for an additional fee.

Richfield Campus

Facilitator: Leslee Hurd
Richfield Campus Library
(435) 893-2238

The computer lab located at the Richfield Campus library is for student use. The computers are all Windows PC. The lab has staff to assist students whenever the library is open.

Students using the lab may print school related items at no charge. Non-school printouts cost 10 cents for black and white, and 20 cents for color. Large format printing is also available through the library for an additional fee.

Library Services
Ephraim Campus

Karen H. Huntsman Library
Director of Libraries: Jon Ostler (435) 283-7362
Instruction and Outreach Librarian:  Carol Kunzler (435) 283-7361
Technical Services Librarian: Lynn Anderson (435) 283-7366
Front Desk Manager: Michael Lewellen (435) 283-7365

Richfield Campus

Library Manager:  Leslee Hurd (435) 893-2238

With campus libraries in Ephraim and Richfield, the Snow College library serves as a place where students gather to study, research, and learn. A variety of traditional and non-traditional services are provided to support the educational activities of library users.


The library is a multimedia facility with collections that include approximately 50,000 print books, 280,000 E-books and thousands of CDs, DVDs, and microforms. Over 100,000 streaming films and millions of streaming music tracks are also available. Through cooperative purchases with other higher education libraries in the state, the library has online access to articles from hundreds of thousands of journals, magazines, and newspapers. Print and digital “Special Collections” provide access to materials related to Snow College, local history, and Utah history.


Access to the Library’s online catalog, other databases and links to library services are available at:

Group Study rooms, copy machines, computers, scanners, large format printer, 3D printer, laminator, projectors, microform scanners, and DVD players are available for use in the library. Video cameras, iPads, laptops, and audio recorders are available for checkout.

Snow College students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the community, may check out library materials. Inter-library loan services are available to Snow College students, faculty, and staff. Students may use their Snow College identification to check out books from any college or university in Utah.


As a service to students and faculty, textbooks and items used to supplement instruction may be purchased and placed “on reserve.” Physical items such as books and videos are kept at the circulation desk and typically loaned out for in-house use for two hours. Fair use copyright guidelines are followed for items placed on reserve.

Instruction/Information Literacy

Librarians are available both in person and online to provide help with library research for academic assignments. They are ready to show students how and where to find the information needed for their coursework. They can also help students learn how to create citations and avoid plagiarism. They are available to help students succeed at Snow College and beyond! To schedule an individual appointment with a librarian, use one of the following contact points:

Online:  Book-a-librarian request form (click on the book-a-librarian link)
Phone:  Ephraim (435) 283-7363, Richfield (435) 893-2219
Text:  (844) 669-7740
In person:  Main Desk at either Ephraim or Richfield

Technical Services

Technical Services is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, processing and cataloging of all library materials which support the curriculum of Snow College.

The library provides faculty, staff, and students with a range of opportunities and support in making materials requests either for borrowing or for purchase.

Math/Science Lab
Ephraim Campus 

Director: Kari Arnoldsen
Noyes Building 101
(435) 283-7497

Hours available:
Monday through Thursday 10:30 am - 7:30 pm
Friday 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

The Math/Science Lab provides help with mathematics, chemistry, and physics. (Students who wish to work as lab assistants are encouraged to submit their resumes to Kari Arnoldsen.)

Richfield Campus

Contact: Ana Wilson
(435) 893-2222

A math tutor is available to students on the Richfield campus in SVC 109. For current hours, contact Ana Wilson via phone or e-mail ( Students who wish to work as a tutor on the Richfield Campus are encouraged to submit their resumes to Ana Wilson.

Richfield Campus Academic Support

The Richfield Campus Student Success Advisement Office has information about courses to brush up math and writing skills, college success skill instruction, study group and tutoring assistance and other academic help. Students can enroll in courses or stop by to get information on test taking, note taking, study skills, time management, and other helpful topics. All students are welcome.

A writing tutor is available several days each week in the Richfield Campus Library.  For current hours, check the schedule posted in the library or contact Kevin Holdsworth at (435) 896-2251 or 

Testing Center
Ephraim Testing Center

Manager: Jeff Savage
Lucy Phillips Building, 1st floor
(435) 283-7197

The Testing Center administers most tests needed by Snow College students, including National and Residual ACT, English Placement, ALEKS Math and BYU FLATS tests. This center also administers classroom tests scheduled by instructors. A $10.00 proctoring fee may be assessed. For appointments or further information, call (435) 283‑7197.

Testing hours are subject to change. Please reference for hours of operation.

Richfield Testing Center

Manager: Elizabeth Cazier
Washburn Building 130
(435) 893-2239

The Richfield testing center administers most tests needed by students in the Utah System of Higher Education; including the GED. Proctoring is available for business and private individuals – fees apply and vary depending on circumstances. For appointments, proctoring information, and fee schedule, please call (435) 893-2239.

Testing hours are subject to change. Please reference for hours of operation.

Writing Lab

Director: Kent Bean, Ephraim
Humanities 133

The Writing Lab is staffed by experienced writers who have been trained on the Ephraim and Richfield campuses to assist fellow students with grammar, organization, and the development of strong ideas. Students are encouraged to use the Writing Lab not only for their English papers, but for all writing assignments. Students who wish to be Writing Lab tutors should contact the Writing Lab Director.

Conference Programs 

Coordinator: Donna Birk
Assistant Coordinator: Ty Mckenzie
Football Stadium Building
(435) 283‑7167

Conference Programs is responsible for coordinating on‑campus resources for both outside conferences and camps as well as college sponsored conferences. These non‑credit conferences are held primarily during the summer. This office coordinates all activities and accommodations pertaining to youth conferences, leadership camps, family reunions, Elderhostel programs and other miscellaneous instructional conferences during the summer. Conference Programs also manages the rope course facility used for leadership development and management training. A large variety of groups use the rope course, which is located up Ephraim Canyon, as a part of their experiential learning programs.

Custom Fit and Short-Term Intensive Training

Director: Tim Chamberlain (435) 283-7372
Field Representative: TBA (435) 893-2252
Administrative Assistant

Custom Fit Training

Custom Fit Training is a non-profit program using state funds to stimulate economic development, facilitate the creation of new jobs, and provide businesses with a trained workforce. This is accomplished by providing company specific customized training to business and industry. Large or small companies may qualify for state funds to offset costs associated with development and delivery of training.

Short-Term Intensive Training

The mission of Short-Term Intensive Training (STIT) is to provide occupationally specific intensive training for persons currently employed or seeking employment. This is done by effectively and economically matching clients’ training needs with those of industry, utilizing the resources in each region of the state. The mission is characterized by the following parameters:

  • Training is conducted within Utah’s existing higher educational system, using available facilities and equipment.
  • Training is initiated and terminated based on specific job market demands and economic development strategies. 
  • Training is short term, intensive (one year or less), non-credit, designed to meet the specific training needs of identified employers and match those needs with persons seeking employment.

Department of Public Safety 

Business Building - 151 South Main Street, Ephraim
Police Chief: Derek Walk (435) 283-7170
Police Sergeant: Eddy Christensen (435) 283-7172
Police Sergeant: Rick Rasmussen (435) 283-7173
Administrative Assistant: Bri Powell (435) 283-7171
Desk – (435) 283-7191
Text – (435) 250-3372

Safety Escort available from 7:00pm – 1:00am.
Call or Text: (435)-340-8021

Snow College is a growing college with a population of over 6,000 students, faculty, and staff on both Ephraim and Richfield campuses. In addition, thousands of guests visit the campuses for a variety of special events and other activities. While the campuses are relatively safe, they are subject to some of the same problems experienced in other communities in central Utah.

Snow College campus police officers enjoy a special working relationship with Ephraim City Police Department and the Richfield City Police Department that enhances the level of law enforcement and safety on both campuses.

The mission of the Snow College Department of Public Safety is to provide and enhance a safe & secure educational environment for those that attend, work, or visit our campuses. Snow College Public Safety efforts are supportive and are consistent with the goals and ideals of Snow College and its community. Snow College Public Safety's primary purpose is to foster trust, reduce crime, help educate students in life skills and to enhance the quality of life for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Annual Campus Security and Fire Report

Campus Security and Fire Report can be found on the Snow College Public Safety web page at, and in Statistical Information on the U.S. Department of Education web page in compliance with the federal CLERY Act. A copy can be obtained at the Public Safety office in the Business Building, Ephraim Campus.

Campus Facilities Security

Snow College uses a surveillance camera system to document activities in public areas both inside and outside buildings. Do not assume additional safety based on observing a surveillance camera because such cameras are not generally monitored.

Campus Police and Community Cooperation

Snow College Campus Police have complete police authority to apprehend and arrest anyone involved in illegal acts on campus and areas immediately adjacent to the campuses. If minor offenses involving college policies and regulations are committed by college students, the Campus Police may also investigate and refer the individual to the Vice President for Student Success for disciplinary action.

College police officers are sworn Ephraim City officers. Thus, they are actively involved with police calls for service off campus. Ephraim City officers have full jurisdiction on campus property within Ephraim City. College officers have full law enforcement authority on the Richfield Campus and the Richfield officers have full jurisdiction on campus property within Richfield City.

Both campuses are part of a 911 emergency system. By mutual agreement with these agencies, Campus Police officers can access the National Crime Information Center database and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI).

After Hours Security on Ephraim Campus

There is typically a student Campus Security Agent on duty from 6:15 PM until 1:30 AM Monday through Sunday. Campus Security Agents assist with special social and sporting events and provide security checks of campus buildings and the library throughout the evening. They also can provide a safety escort for persons who are walking on or near campus after hours. CSAs are not peace officers and do not have police authority but can provide assistance and will summon proper authorities if necessary. 

  • Campus Security Agents: (435) 340-8021

For Non-Law Enforcement Calls      

  • Campus safety escorts
  • Access to or secure buildings
  • Building type alarms
  • Building damage or concerns
  • Suspicious circumstances 

Police/Fire Dispatch - In an Emergency

  • Dial 911
  • (435) 835-2345 Ephraim Campus
  • (435) 896-6471 Richfield Campus
After Hours Security on Richfield Campus

All non-emergency safety issues should be reported to the Director of Safety, at (435) 893-2235. All criminal activity and emergencies should be reported to Richfield City Police by calling (435) 896-6471 or 911.

Off-Campus Violations

Because off-campus housing facilities are not Snow College property, the Ephraim Police Department responds to all calls for service at these locations. Students involved in criminal behavior may be subject to disciplinary action based on that conduct being a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Emergency Procedure Quick Reference Guide

Emergency procedure reference guides are posted in classrooms, offices and common areas on both campuses. They provide general information for reporting and responding to crimes or emergency incidents. 

Fire Alarm

When a fire alarm goes off in a building, individuals should evacuate the building to an open space away from and up wind from any possible fire and remain outside the building at a safe distance until the fire department or law enforcement has indicated the building is safe to re-enter.

Reporting Accidents- Injuries- Incidents- Threats

All college-related accidents, injuries and incidents need to be reported to Risk Management. Report forms are available at Scroll down to and click on: ACCIDENT - INJURY - INCIDENT REPORT FORM.

Completed forms should be turned into the person who supervised the class, work, or activity. Incidents should be reported as soon as possible (within 24 hours or next business day) when they occur anywhere on campus or during any college sponsored activity away from Campus. 

“If you see something, say something”. Any person who sees something odd or suspicious or, becomes aware of a potential threat of violence to self or others should report the threat to any of the following:

  • Snow College Campus Police: (435) 283-7170 or 7172 - cellular: (435) 340-0676 or (435) 340-1311
  • Ephraim City Police/Sanpete Country Dispatch: (435) 835-2345
  • Snow College Ephraim Wellness: (435) 283-7121
  • Richfield Director of Safety: (435) 893-2235
  • Richfield City Police: (435) 893-6471
  • Emergency: 911
Reporting Potential Safety Concerns

Please report concerns about lighting, pedestrian hazards, building safety and other types of safety concerns to the Maintenance Department at (435) 283-7220 on the Ephraim Campus and (435) 893-2235 on the Richfield Campus.

Campus Parking 

Under authority granted to Snow College by Utah State Code 53-B-103, 53-B-107, the Public Safety Department regulates parking on the campus and on public streets adjacent to the campus.

Parking of vehicles on the college campuses is on a first come, first served basis except where parking requires a parking permit or gate access. Each individual is not guaranteed a campus parking space and lack of space does not justify violation of college parking regulations.

Regulations are in force at the start of school, during test week, and when classes are not in session and throughout the year.

The following parking restrictions are enforced on campus:

  1. Library/Bell Tower Parking lot by permit only M-F 7 a.m.- 5 p.m.
  2. Gated west parking lot on the Richfield Campus. Only authorized faculty and staff may use this parking lot.
  3. Reserved parking for individuals with disabilities. Failure to display a valid permit for these spaces will result in the vehicle being ticketed.

Parking violation citations may be paid or contested by contacting:

Ephraim Campus

Ephraim City Justice Court
5 South Main Street
Ephraim, UT  84627
(435) 283-4867

Not less than 5 days or more than 14 days from the citation date.

Richfield Campus

Sevier Justice Court
250 North Main Street, Suite 124
Richfield, UT  84701
(435) 893-0461

Not less than 5 days or more than 14 days from the citation date.

The following fines will be imposed for ticketed parking violations:

  1. Spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities - $125.00
  2. All other violations - $40.00

Snow College Vice President of Student Success may take administrative action on students that fail to settle any parking violation which may include but not be not limited to placing holds on transcripts or preventing registration for the next semester. 

College safety personnel may place parking boots on illegally parked vehicles. The owner/driver will be required to pay a fee or receive a citation from a police officer to have the boot removed. 

Vehicle(s) parked in violation of this policy are subject to impound at the owner's expense. Fees could exceed $350.00, not including tow charges and fines.

Snow College Crime Statistics

For Crime statistics relating to both Campuses, review the Campus Annual Security and Fire Report found on the Public Safety Web Page: or contact Public Safety at 435-283-7170.

Office of Analytics and Institutional Research

Chief Institutional Research Officer: Sam Rainsdon-Meek, PhD
(435) 283-7346
Senior Data Analyst: Micah Strait, JD Esq.
(435) 283-7224

The purpose of Institutional Research is to gather and analyze data about Snow College and connect this information with the primary functions of the school and report the data to external agencies. The basic activities of Institutional Research & Planning are as follows.

  1. Cohort collection and longitudinal tracking; 
  2. Collecting and reporting data on Snow College performance; 
  3. Collecting data on population, market, and other higher educational trends; 
  4. Collecting data from specific populations through surveys; 
  5. Analyzing and interpreting the data into information that can be used to support institutional planning and decision-making. 

Outreach Career and Technical Education

In cooperation with the Utah College of Applied Technology, Snow College provides courses on the Richfield campus and throughout the school districts in the Central Utah region to serve the technical education needs of the area. Outreach courses in applied technology are offered at area high schools as well as on the Snow College West Campus in Ephraim. Courses and programs offered through the outreach effort include credit and non-credit courses for high school students and adults. For more information contact the college CTE director, Mike Medley, at (435) 893-2264.

Sevier Valley Center

Director: Kevin Arrington, (435) 893-2283
Office Manager: (435) 893-2281
Ticket Office: (435) 893-2223
Main Campus Number: (435) 896-8202

The Snow College Richfield campus is home to the Sevier Valley Center. This incredible facility is designed to host a variety of events. The arena seats 4,800 people, making it ideal for sports events, tournaments, concerts, and trade shows. The state-of-the-art theater has seating for 800, a more intimate venue for musical performances, state plays, and pageants. The Atrium is new this year with five break-out rooms and a kitchenette. This area is great for meetings, small conferences, and banquets. This area can be configured into several different sized rooms to meet specific needs. The Sevier Valley Center is a result of a partnership between Snow College, Sevier County, Richfield City, and the Sevier School District. For more information, please visit our website at or call one of the phone numbers listed above.

Small Business Development Center

Director: Tim Chamberlain
(435) 283‑7376
Assistant Director: Janette Wagner
(435) 893-2206

The Utah Small Business Development Center is in the business of assisting small businesses, both existing and emerging, to achieve their potential. The Center also assists individuals considering starting a new business. A partnership of the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development, and Snow College, The SBDC offers assistance in the following:

Core Counseling Services:

  • Needs assessment
  • Comprehensive business planning
  • Market research and market strategy
  • Financial statement analysis and control
  • Cash flow analysis and financial projections
  • Debt and equity funding development
  • Valuation methods
  • Strategic planning
  • Management issues

Core Training Services:

  • Initial business orientation
  • Business plan preparation
  • Customer relations
  • Computer training

Title IX Office

Title IX Coordinator: Staci Taylor (435) 283-7120
Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Zach McEntire (435) 283-7257
Civil Rights Investigator: Brent Dickie (435) 283-7183
Noyes Building - 2nd Floor, Offices 231-233.

  • Title IX Deputies:
    • Ken Hansen - Employee Relations Specialis (435) 283-7043
    • Sinapati Moe - Multicultural Advisor (435) 283-7658
    • Ian Spackman - Residence Life Coordinator (435) 283-7308
    • Heidi Stringham - Director of Operations/External Affairs (435) 893-2246

Snow College values fostering a safe campus community that promotes all individuals' well-being. Gender discrimination, sexual violence, and relationship violence counter our values institutionally.

The College has policies and processes available to all Badgers, guests, and visitors to ensure every person is provided support, information, and resources to address any misconduct, redress its effects, and prevent its recurrence.

About Title IX 

Title IX is a federal law that protects all members of our campus community who experience sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, interpersonal violence (including dating and domestic violence), stalking, or discrimination on the basis of sex, including pregnant and parenting students and employees. These protections apply to students, faculty, staff, contractors, applicants, and campus visitors. Title IX states, “No person in the United States shall on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

Snow College, as well as the Title IX regulation, prohibits retaliation for any individual who reports possible discrimination, files a formal complaint, or participates in a discrimination grievance process.

Protection for Pregnant, Nursing, and Parenting Status

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, including on the basis of pregnancy and parenting status. The college is required to provide reasonable accommodations due to pregnancy and parenting needs, including excused absences, changes in the work environment, or alternative participation options.  

Reporting Options

Choosing to make a report and deciding how to proceed after making the report can be a process that unfolds over time. Reporting can provide safety and support for individuals affected by Prohibited Conduct, provide the Complainant with resources and information about filing a formal complaint, and help create a safer campus community.  

If you are ready to file a report, you can choose to report to any or all of the following:

Any person may submit a report regarding a possible Title IX Policy Prohibiting Discrimination violation. Filing a report is not the same as filing a Formal Complaint.

You can contact the Title IX Office via: 

  1. Online Form: Online Reporting Form
  2. Email:
  3. Phone: (435) 283-7257
  4. Mail: Title IX Office, 150 College Ave., Ephraim, UT 84627
  5. In-Person: Noyes Building, 2nd Floor, offices 231, 232, and 233.
Anonymous Reporting

An individual, including a Complainant, may report allegations of Prohibited Conduct anonymously via any method listed above. While Snow College will work to respond to and remedy the allegations reported anonymously appropriately, please be advised that Snow College’s response may be limited. If a Complainant requests anonymity, the Title IX Coordinator will honor their request to the extent they can after assessing any health and safety issues impacting the campus community. 

What Happens After a Report is Made?

Upon receipt of information about Prohibited Conduct, the Title IX Office will make an initial assessment to determine if the alleged Prohibited Conduct falls under the Snow College Title IX Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and respond to any immediate health or safety concerns raised by the information.

Snow College's process includes providing those impacted by Title IX and Sex/Gender-Based Misconduct with information and details on reporting options while providing confidential and non-confidential campus community resources and supportive offices, including academic, living, and employment adjustments, and mental health and medical care. 

Supportive Measures are non-disciplinary and non-punitive individualized services offered as appropriate, as reasonably available without fee or charge, to the Complainant or the Respondent before or after filing a formal complaint or where no formal complaint has been filed. Such measures are designed to restore or preserve equal access to Snow College’s education programs or activities without unreasonably burdening either party, including measures designed to protect the safety of all parties or Snow College’s educational environment or deter sexual harassment. Supportive measures may be temporary or permanent.

Supportive measures may include but are not limited to counseling, modifications of work or class schedules, campus escort services, mutual no-contact orders between the parties, changes in work or housing locations, leaves of absence, tutors, working with professors to assist in course work, and other similar measures. Snow College will maintain as confidential any supportive measures provided to the Complainant or Respondent to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the ability of the institution to provide supportive measures. 

If You Choose not to Report

Snow College and the Title IX Office support an individual's right to choose whether to report. If you or someone you know needs information and help to facilitate the reporting process, we are here to help. 

If you DO NOT want to report to the Title IX Office, you may want to discuss the incident in a confidential setting.

Wellness Center
You can contact the Wellness Center via:

  1. Telephone: (435) 283-7136
  2. In-Person: Business Portable #2
  3. Online Form: Snow College Counseling and Wellness Center 

TimelyCare serves as a 24/7 virtual extension of campus counseling center resources, with a goal of improving student wellbeing, engagement, and retention.

Through TimelyCare on their phone or other device, Snow College students can now select from a wide-ranging menu of virtual care options from licensed counselors in all 50 states—at no cost and without the hassle of traditional insurance—including on-demand mental health and emotional support (Talk Now)

  • Appointment-based mental health counseling
  • Health Coaching
  • Basic Needs assistance

TimelyCare also provides a library of digital self-care content and a peer support community to help students be well and thrive whenever and wherever they may be. Additionally, faculty and staff have access to support that empowers them to guide students to TimelyCare resources to help students achieve a sense of well-being, live healthier lifestyles, and improve their mental health.