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Tuition & Fees

Payment Deadline
Agreement To Pay Tuition Charges
Billing Statements
Monthly Payment Plan Option
Transcript and Registration Holds
Tuition and Fee Policies
Tuition Schedule
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Tuition and fees are determined annually and are approved by the Board of Regents.

Payment Deadline

Tuition, fees, and if applicable housing charges, must be paid no later than the 5th class day of the semester or term as designated on the official academic calendar. Students who fail to pay their balances OR sign up for a payment plan by the due date may be dropped or subject to be dropped from their classes. Only payment of charges will guarantee classes are held. Students are responsible to contact the campus cashier’s office to resolve any issues or concerns regarding payment of their account.

Agreement to Pay Tuition Charges

When a student registers for courses at Snow College the student agrees to the terms of the "Agreement to Pay Tuition Charges." The agreement states:

I agree by registering for classes at Snow College that I have incurred tuition and fee charges. I, therefore, promise to pay Snow College the tuition and fees assessed to me for these courses by the published due dates. I also agree to pay for any additional fees and interest charges that are assessed to my account each semester. I hereby agree to pay any late fees that are assessed to my account due to failure to pay tuition and fees according to the published deadlines. I also agree that Snow College may garnish any Utah State income tax refunds if I have a balance due. In the event I default on this agreement and it becomes necessary to place my account for collection, I agree to pay collection fees not to exceed 50% of the original principal balance, plus any court and/or attorney fees resulting from failure to pay tuition and fees. Any collection costs stated above are in addition to the principal fees and interest due on my account. I agree that Snow College may call me on my cell phone, and I understand and agree that by providing my telephone numbers, Snow College or anyone working on its behalf, may contact me at the numbers provided by manually dialing the number or by using automated dialing technology to try and collect. In the event of default on any of the terms of this agreement, I hereby give to the Snow College Controller or his/her designee, Power of Attorney to apply all monies due me from Snow College to any delinquent portion of this note until all costs are paid in full. I further understand that my acceptance of these terms represents my acknowledgment and acceptance of my tuition account balance qualifying as a qualified education loan under I.R.C. 221, and as such, is exempt from discharge under federal bankruptcy code 11 U.S.C. 523 (a) (8). 


Snow College encourages students to pay online for their classes. Students may pay by check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express by logging in to their account at and going into Student Records within the student tab. There are no additional fees assessed for paying with credit cards.

Students may also pay for their classes in person at the campus cashier's office.

Billing Statements

Tuition and fee statements are available on Badger Web by choosing the Student Records link and then Account Summary. Students with a balance owing, will receive monthly statements until the balanced owed is paid in full.  Students may receive statements to email addresses provided to the College and/or paper statements which are sent to the student's permanent address on file with Snow College.  Students are responsible for viewing up to date balances or e-statements which can be found in their Badger Web account.  It is the student's responsibility to know what the account balance is and make sure it is paid on time.

Monthly Payment Plan Option

The payment plan option is a program intended to help students who are not able to pay their account in full by the tuition and fee deadline. Instead of one large payment, tuition and fees are broken down into equal monthly payments. Enrollment in a plan becomes available prior to the beginning of each semester and should be signed up for before the applicable payment deadline. See for details about monthly payment plans.

Transcript and Registration Holds

Students with unpaid tuition, fees, room and board, fines or other fees due to Snow College greater than $40 will have a general financial hold placed on their account.  This hold will prevent a student from registering for future semesters, receiving a diploma and receiving transcripts.   

Students with unpaid tuition, fees, room and board, fines or other fees due to Snow College less than or equal to $40 will have a financial transcript hold placed on their account.  This hold will prevent a student from receiving transcripts and may prevent the student from receiving their diploma.  

Students with a general financial hold and/or a financial transcript hold will be allowed to drop classes at any time before the Add/Drop deadline as published on the Registrar's website.  If the change of program fee is applicable, the fee must be paid at the time of drop.  

Students with a general financial hold and/or a financial transcript hold will be allowed to drop a class and replace it with another class at any time before the Add/Drop deadline as published on the Registrar's website, as long as the add and drop are done simultaneously and the balance owed by the student does not increase.  If the change of program fee is applicable, the fee must be paid at the time of the add and drop.  

Tuition and Fees Policies

Subject to change by the Utah State Board of Regents without prior notice. Please check current class schedule, Cashier’s Office, or website (

If a student decides not to take a class, it is the responsibility of the student to drop the course before the 100% Refund Deadline. Dropping the class before this deadline removes the charges from the student’s account and allows other students to register. Charges for classes dropped after the 100% Refund Period deadlines will remain owing and will not be credited back to the student’s account balance.

Tuition Refund Deadline

Fall & Spring Semesters:

Other Semesters:

Summer, Blocks, Terms, Workshops, Camps or Classes with beginning or ending dates that do not correspond with regular semester beginning or ending dates:

After the day classes begin general fees are not refunded.

Students should complete an official Withdrawal from School form which can be obtained from the Registration Windows, Greenwood Student Center, second floor or the Richfield Registration Office. The official date for refund purposes shall be the day this form is returned to the Cashier's Office for processing.

Financial Aid will continue to do last-date-of-attendance forms and will calculate refunds and repayments according to the guidelines in the Financial Aid Handbook.

Tuition Schedule

Resident Tuition and Fee Schedule*

 Credit Hours  Tuition  Fees      Total 
 0.5  $318.00  $-  $318.00
 1  $393.00  $-  $393.00
 1.5  $468.00  $-  $468.00
 2  $543.00  $-  $543.00
 2.5  $618.00  $-  $618.00
 3  $693.00  $73.00  $766.00
 3.5  $768.00  $83.00  $851.00
 4  $843.00  $93.00  $936.00
 4.5  $918.00  $103.00  $1,021.00
 5  $993.00  $113.00  $1,106.00
 5.5  $1,068.00  $123.00  $1,191.00
 6  $1,143.00  $133.00  $1,276.00
 6.5  $1,218.00  $143.00  $1,361.00
 7  $1,293.00  $153.00  $1,446.00
 7.5  $1,368.00  $163.00  $1,531.00
 8  $1,443.00  $173.00  $1,616.00
 8.5  $1,518.00  $183.00  $1,701.00
 9  $1,593.00  $193.00  $1,786.00
 9.5  $1,668.00  $203.00  $1,871.00
 10-20  $1,743.00  $213.00  $1,956.00
 20.5  $1,818.00  $213.00  $2,031.00
 21  $1,893.00  $213.00  $2,106.00
 21.5  $1,968.00  $213.00  $2,181.00
 22  $2,043.00  $213.00  $2,256.00
 22.5  $2,118.00  $213.00  $2,331.00
 23  $2,193.00  $213.00  $2,406.00
 23.5  $2,268.00  $213.00  $2,481.00
 24  $2,343.00  $213.00  $2,556.00
 24.5  $2,418.00  $213.00  $2,631.00
 25  $2,493.00  $213.00  $2,706.00


Non-Resident Tuition and Fee Schedule* 

 Credit Hours  Tuition  Fees  Total
 0.5  $1,178.00  $- $1,178.00
 1  $1,451.00  $-  $1,451.00
 1.5  $1,724.00  $-  $1,724.00
 2  $1,997.00  $-  $1,997.00
 2.5  $2,270.00  $-  $2,270.00
 3  $2,543.00  $73.00  $2,616.00
 3.5  $2,816.00  $83.00  $2,899.00
 4  $3,089.00  $93.00  $3,182.00
 4.5  $3,362.00  $103.00  $3,465.00
 5  $3,635.00  $113.00  $3,748.00
 5.5  $3,908.00  $123.00  $4,031.00
 6  $4,181.00  $133.00  $4,314.00
 6.5  $4,454.00  $143.00  $4,597.00
 7  $4,727.00  $153.00  $4,880.00
 7.5  $5,000.00  $163.00  $5,163.00
 8  $5,273.00  $173.00  $5,446.00
 8.5  $5,546.00  $183.00  $5,729.00
 9  $5,819.00  $193.00  $6,012.00
 9.5  $6,092,00  $203.00  $6,295.00
 10-20  $6,365.00  $213.00  $6,578.00
 20.5  $6,638.00  $213.00  $6,851.00
 21  $6,911.00  $213.00  $7,124.00
 21.5  $7,184.00  $213.00  $7,397.00
 22  $7,457.00  $213.00  $7,670.00
 22.5  $7,730.00  $213.00  $7,943.00
 23  $8,003.00  $213.00  $8,216.00
 23.5  $8,276.00  $213.00  $8,489.00
 24  $8,549.00  $213.00  $8,762.00
 24.5  $8,822.00  $213.00  $9,035.00
 25  $9,095.00  $213.00  $9,308.00


WUE Tuition and Fee Schedule*,**

 Credit Hours  Tuition  Fees      Total 
 0.5  $468.00  $-  $468.00
 1  $581.00  $-  $581.00
 1.5  $694.00  $-  $694.00
 2  $807.00  $-  $807.00
 2.5  $920.00  $-  $920.00
 3  $1,033.00  $73.00  $1,106.00
 3.5  $1,146.00  $83.00  $1,229.00
 4  $1,259.00  $93.00  $1,352.00
 4.5  $1,372.00  $103.00  $1,475.00
 5  $1,485.00  $113.00  $1,598.00
 5.5  $1,598.00  $123.00  $1,721.00
 6  $1,711.00  $133.00  $1,844.00
 6.5  $1,824.00  $143.00  $1,967.00
 7  $1,937.00  $153.00  $2,090.00
 7.5  $2.050.00  $163.00  $2,213.00
 8  $2,163.00  $173.00  $2,336.00
 8.5  $2,276.00  $183.00  $2,459.00
 9  $2,389.00  $193.00  $2,582.00
 9.5  $2,502.00  $203.00  $2,705.00
 10-20  $2,615.00  $213.00  $2,828.00
 20.5  $2,728.00  $213.00  $2,941.00
 21  $2,841.00  $213.00  $3,054.00
 21.5  $2,954.00  $213.00  $3,167.00
 22  $3,067.00  $213.00  $3,280.00
 22.5  $3,180.00  $213.00  $3,393.00
 23  $3,293.00  $213.00  $3,506.00
 23.5  $3,406.00  $213.00  $3,619.00
 24  $3,519.00  $213.00  $3,732.00
 24.5  $3,632.00  $213.00  $3,845.00
 25  $3,745.00  $213.00  $3,958.00


* ALL 3000 AND 4000 LEVEL COURSES (up to 10 credits) will be charged Differential Tuition of $38 per credit for Residents, $57 per credit for WUE,$135 per credit for Nonresidents.

** To qualify for the WUE Tuition Rate, the student must be a resident of a qualifying state and have a scholarship index score of at least 115. (See Qualifying states are AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, ND, NM, NV, OR, SD, WA, or WY. To continue on the WUE tuition rate, a student must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Time spent on the WUE tuition rate cannot be used to meet the requirements for Utah residency.  

Online Course Tuition

Students residing in Utah and/or attending one of Snow’s campuses who take online courses as all or part of their course load will be charged tuition according to their resident or non-resident status. 

Students who take online courses from Snow while residing outside of Utah will be charged in state resident tuition for those classes. This tuition rate applies to online courses only.

Students with questions about the tuition charged for online courses should contact the Student Success Center at (435) 283-7313 for assistance. 

Summer School Tuition

All students enrolling in regular course work will be charged resident tuition only. See Resident Tuition and Fees. ESL students will be required to pay additional ESL fees during summer session.

Students auditing courses are required to pay the same tuition and fees as those who register for credit and the same refund policies apply. 

Senior Citizen Students 

Senior citizens, age 62 and over, may enroll on an audit basis in any Snow College course offered (as space is available) by completing an Application for Admission and paying a one‑time application fee. The Admissions Office will issue a registration form to be signed by the instructor not earlier than the first day of class. A $20.00 registration fee, which covers all costs except books and lab fees, is required each semester. Senior citizens desiring credit for courses taken should register according to regular registration policies and procedures. Senior citizens, age 62 and over, enrolling in non-credit courses will receive a half-tuition waiver for any non-credit course offered, except some of the exercise-type courses.

Continuing Education, Off-Campus and Correspondence Course Tuition and Fees (Resident Students)

Most credit courses and programs that are not included in the regular fall and spring daytime schedule of the college are managed by the Continuing Education Division or the Richfield campus. Fees cover the cost of delivering an off campus class or program to areas or locations outside of the regular on‑campus college program. Continuing Education students are not eligible for yearbooks, athletic events, or other on‑campus activities. Students attending Snow College and carrying 10 or more credit hours are eligible to enroll in the Voluntary Student Health Insurance Plan.

Continuing Education, Off-Campus and Correspondence Courses are under the same Tuition Schedule as Resident Students.

General Fees

Students taking fewer than ten (10) credit hours do not pay full fees. Students in this category can participate in the activities funded by these fees by paying the full fees.

General Fees

Ephraim Campus General Fees
(Subject to change without prior notice)

Total Student Fees  |  $213.00 

Richfield Campus General Fees
(Subject to change without prior notice)

Total Student Fees  |  $213.00

Course & Services Fee Table

(Subject To Change Without Prior Notice) 

* May be refunded through the seventh calendar day of the semester
+ Non-Refundable