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Graduation Coordinator

Margie Anderson
Greenwood Student Center 223
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Students are encouraged to track their progress towards graduation via Degree Works. A student can access Degree Works through Badger Web or at  

General Information

Graduation Requirements

Each degree or program at Snow College will have its unique set of requirements. Please see the Degrees and Programs section of the catalog to determine the specific requirements for your degree.

Courses in GE Areas

For courses that fill current GE requirements, click here.

GE Substitutions

GE Committee has approved the following substitutions for the designated GE areas: 

Fine Arts (FA): 

Physical Science (PS) and Lab (LB): 

Transfer Credit (Snow College)

Transfer credit from other regionally accredited institutions may be used to satisfy general education requirements at Snow College. Students must provide the Transfer Articulation Specialist with official transcripts from all colleges and universities which they have attended. Snow College accepts transfer credit based on the following criteria:

Students may transfer credits back to Snow College after they have transferred to another institution to complete Snow College's graduation requirements. The student must send an official transcript to Snow College with the credit the student wants applied to his or her graduation audit. After the transcript has been sent, please contact the graduation office at the number above.

Transfer Students with Completed General Education

Any USHE (Utah System of Higher Education) institution shall consider its General Education requirements completed by transfer students who have completed the General Education requirements of any other USHE institution. Upon request by transferring students, a sending institution shall provide certification when students have fully completed its General Education requirements. Contact the Registrar's office to request certification.

Interstate Passport

The Interstate Passport enables successful transfer of a block of lower-level general education learning to other institutions participating in the Interstate Passport Network. Students who complete their Passport at Snow College will not be required to repeat or take additional course work to meet lower-division general education requirements in the Passport’s nine areas when they transfer to any other Passport institution. Snow College will begin transcripting the Interstate Passport following the Fall 2017 semester. Students with an interest in achieving the Passport should see our website at and contact their Advisor.

Graduation Deadlines

Based on deadline dates listed below, please submit an application for graduation. Students should apply after completion of approximately 31 credits. Students can apply via Badger Web or by submitting a completed graduation application form to the Graduation Office. Application forms are available from the Registration Office, the Student Success Center, or on the Snow College website under the Registrar's page. 

The Registrar posts the exact deadline online.

Graduation Fees

Please note, there is no fee for the first application if you are applying for graduation for or after Fall 2019. A fee of $15 applies to all subsequent graduation applications with the exception of applications for certificates of proficiency, which have a $5 fee attached. 

Graduation Survey

In order to evaluate the quality of the education students receive at Snow College, each graduate is asked to take an assessment and complete a survey before graduation. The survey is an assessment of students' general opinions about the college. The results of the assessment and survey are confidential. They do not appear on transcripts and have no bearing on graduation status. The results from all students are combined to provide faculty, administration, and the Utah Board of Regents information about the knowledge and opinions of Snow College students.

Graduation With Honors Awards

Students who have completed all graduation requirements and have earned a cumulative grade point average at Snow College as follows will graduate with honors. Only courses numbered 1000 or above are counted.

Commencement Exercises

Commencement is our traditional celebration of your achievement graduating from college. The College wants all candidates for graduation to be present at Commencement. This ceremony is where the college and anyone you invite celebrate your achievement at becoming a member of a select number of people worldwide with a post-secondary degree. Students deserve to be honored on this day.

Commencement occurs at the end of Spring Semester and includes all students who have graduated the preceding Fall Semester and those who will graduate in the current Spring Semester, or after the current academic year’s Summer Semester. The College holds two commencement ceremonies, one on the Ephraim campus and one on the Richfield campus.

The commencement ceremony on the Ephraim campus occurs the Saturday following the conclusion of Spring Semester.  The Richfield campus commencement occurs on the last Friday of Spring Semester and is held for students completing programs (certificates and degrees) in Career and Technical Education programs. Students completing their Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees on the Richfield campus may also choose to participate.  

ADA Accommodations at Commencement

Any person who feels he or she may need special accommodations connected with the graduation ceremonies may contact the Americans With Disabilities Act Coordinator at 435.283.7321.

For more information about commencement, please visit

Service Scholars Recognition Award

The Service Scholars Recognition Award is designed for students interested in enhancing their educational experience through community service. Through the program, students address real community issues by providing service to and learning from people in Central Utah and beyond. Students will enhance their academic experience with the knowledge and awareness they gain through increased civic engagement. At the same time, they will be helping others and building personal character, becoming better members of society. Service Scholar Graduates must complete the following:

Graduates from the program are recognized each year with the following:

For additional information or for a list of qualified service learning courses, please go to