Leave of Absence/Deferment Application

A college deferment or leave of absence may hold your scholarship(s) and admission status until you return/enroll. Please refer to your scholarship contract to determine scholarship deferment eligibility. Acceptable reasons to defer your scholarship and admission status include, but are not limited to; an illness or accident preventing enrollment, military service or church service. You must submit the appropriate documentation in addition to this form. For medical withdrawal information, pleace contact our ADA office at (435) 283-7321.

This form allows you to return to Snow College without reapplying for admissions. You must complete and submit this form prior to your absence. Please remember to notify the Admissions Office of any permanent address, email address, or phone number changes during your absence. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Scholarship Office upon his/her return. Also, please remember that this form will only hold scholarships that are eligible for deferment. If you would like to reapply for scholarships before your return, please note that our scholarship deadline is March 1st of each year. For more information regarding the leave of absence/deferment process, please click here.

Please Remember: 

  • This form must be submitted prior to your absence in order to hold your scholarship and defer your admissions.
  • If you would like your on-campus housing costs deferred, pleace contact the Office of Residence Life at (435) 283-7280 or email email address for this person
  • Deferring your scholarships and/or admission status does not defer the current cost of tution and fees.
  • Scholarship deferments may be granted for a maximum of five semesters.
  • It is the student's responsibility to notify the Snow College scholarship upon his or her return.

Please Note: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 restricts information from being released to another person conducting business for a student. You may consider giving authorization to transact business for you during your absence. To complete a Consent to Release Student Information form, please click here.


Parent, Guardian, or Best Contact Information:
Please send any of your deferment documentation to scholarships@snow.edu with your name and indication that you filled out this form.
Please digitally sign and date your application, indicating that all the information located above is filled out to the best of your knowledge and is true.