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Snow College Utah Resident Academic Scholarships

Utah Resident Scholarships

2021-2022 Dates & Deadlines

  • September 1 - Application opens
  • October 1 - FAFSA opens
  • November 30 - Presidential Scholarship deadline
  • March 1 - Scholarship deadline
  • June 1 - FAFSA priority deadline
Note: Scholarships are for incoming freshman whose high school class is graduating in the coming Spring.

NOTE: While you may qualify for an academic scholarship, these scholarships are awarded based on available funds. We encourage students to apply and complete the requirements as early as possible.

These scholarships are WAIVERS, not cash awards.

If you are awarded a Utah Resident Academic Scholarship you will be mailed and e-mailed a copy of your contract. You will be required to accept the scholarship through BadgerWeb. By accepting the scholarship on BadgerWeb you are agreeing to the terms and conditions contained within the scholarship contract. These terms bind you, the student, to the requirements of the scholarship.

Deferrement / Leave of Abscence

If you choose to interrupt your education for church or military service, maternity leave, or extended medical or personal reasons while the academic scholarship is in effect, you may be eligible to use the remaining portion of your award at a later time. You must complete a leave of absence form and provide the necessary support documentation prior to your absence in order to hold your scholarship. Utah Resident Academic Scholarships are typically the only deferrable scholarships. Contact the scholarship office to confirm if your scholarship is deferrable. If you are awarded a departmental scholarship and want to take a leave of absence, you will need to contact the department when you return and re-apply for the scholarship by March 1st.