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How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Break


One of the best things about a college student has got to be the long breaks we get during the winter. There are some negative aspects to those long breaks thought, like boredom, unproductive or being poor after all that Christmas shopping. Luck for you, those breaks are just long enough to fir a decent amount of work and productivity. Why not even a fun road trip!

Here are some fun ways to enjoy your winter break, whether it is sitting at home or exploring around. There are lots of ways to make the most of your time off from classes.

Take a short road trip.
You could go on a trip across country, across state, or if that is a little too much consider something local or within the state. Find somewhere a few hours away and plan a day or two exploring. You could keep it to a day trip if you are short on cash or make it a weekend.  

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Get a seasonal job.

There are lots of companies looking to hire seasonal positions, from retail, food service, childcare, and more. Kids are also on break from school but parents are still at working and need someone to help watch their kids. Retail shops are moving out their surplus of Christmas shopping for the holiday season. Ask around your local communities for families needing help with child care or tutoring, you can also use or indeed to reach out to families.


Get yourself organized.
Take a day or two and hit that spring cleaning early. Take the time and go through your closet and find things to donate or toss out. Winter breaks usually mean moving home for a short moment. Donating things you don’t use or need anymore help lift the weight off of you. Toss out all those old school notes, supplies, shirts too small or haven’t worn in forever.

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Get a head start on scholarship applications.
With one semester ending means another starts, which means scholarships, are opening. You could even look ahead and look for summer internships or at least get a head start on the applications.

Do the things you didn’t have time for during the semester.

What a time to actually justify binging all the shows on Netflix that you put off to do all that homework from fall semester. You could also read a bunch of fun novels near the fireplace with a cozy blanket. There is nothing wrong with relaxing for the break if that is what you want to do.

Do some self-care.
Regardless of how you plan to spend your break, it’s important to use it to rest and recharge before the start of the new semester. Sleep in a little, and get some extra rest. Watch a movie, have some hot chocolate, and enjoy a good book. You want to feel your best when you get back to class in January, so try to give your brain and body a chance to catch back up with you.

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Winter break has always been a favorite parts of the year for college students. When you’ve just finished a difficult fall semester, and finally have a chance to relax and be proud of what accomplishments you’ve made through the fall months. I hope all of you get the chance to do that!