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Hallie Sparks | Snow College Alumni

Hallie Sparks

Meet Hallie Sparks! She is a Business Administration Major from Heber City Utah. Check out her interview answers below to get to know Hallie.

  1. What hobbies did you pick up?
  2. Rollerblading. So there's an ambassador, her name is Cambree Heaton (@cambree.heaton), and she brought roller blades to class one day and I was like, "I really want some really blades", so I went on Amazon and I found some roller blades, and every Sunday I just put my roller blades on and I'd roller blade around campus and talk to my mom. Or I go around the football field in circles for like hours. It was the most relaxing thing. I haven't even fallen yet.

  3. What is your favorite thing about Ephraim City?
  4. I really like how it's pretty much a college town. I think it makes it so fun for college students, because it's kind of like you have your own little world and it's just fun to get involved and make new friends. And then you also get to see a lot of the people, cause I feel like at bigger places, sometimes it's hard to come across familiar faces, but here you kind of become a family really quick, which is really fun.

  5. What is your favorite place on-campus?
  6. My favorite place is this sidewalk, especially in the springtime because the trees have cherry blossoms and they're so pretty, but I also loved the library because it was a fun place to go and get homework done, but also to socialize. I think I went to the library more to socialize than to do my homework. That is really good.

  7. How do you feel about your time at Snow College?
  8. I've become such a more well-rounded person than I was out of high school, with leadership, business, education. It has taught me so much, and it has prepared me so well for the next step, for Utah State, and for my future career. And I think it was because of Snow that gave me another chance to try out for the Utah State program, ambassador program, again. It was because what I learned at Snow that I made the team my second time. It helped me so much.