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Black Student Union

What is the BSU?

BSU stands for Black Student Union. We are around the nation. If I remember correctly, there are Black Student Union clubs in every college and university here in Utah. We love to help out with financial planning since that's a big deal with college students going into adulthood. We help with emotional support because college is very much stressful. I can tell you that last semester was my stressfullest semester here at Snow. And it really helped being a part of Black Student Union. And we're also a family. When you're here at college, especially if you were in a bigger college, you sometimes feel like you're alone, that you have no place on campus. But being a part of BSU is a bigger part of just being a part of a club. It's a part of a family, and having a social life and feeling like you matter and you have others to rely on when you need help. And that's why we help with homework, emotional support, and fun all around.

What challenges does the BSU face?

It's just, that's our number one challenge is ethnicity and trying to get ethnicity here. And also recruiting. Oh my god, that's such a big problem for us, because we are named Black Student Union. Those who are Caucasian, and I've heard it a couple times, "Oh well I shouldn't be a part of it." But as president, I try to bring in as many different ethnicities. We have someone who's Russian in our club, two Caucasians, Mexican, half-and-half, full, and that's one of our biggest problems. Even if we do have that ethnicity we still struggle to achieve that ethnicity.

What is the biggest benefit of BSU?

Last year when I came here to Snow College, it's mandatory for diversity students who have a scholarship to be a part of a diversity club, and that's how I joined Black Student Union, is because I had to. And I was, myself, I was super nervous because I'm like, "Oh my gosh, I'm half Caucasian. "Even if I am half black will they accept me fully?" And they did. It was really awesome, actually. So when we had all those Caucasians I was like, "Oh my God, this is so fantastic." I wanted to take a picture to make sure that I remembered that day . But it was so awesome. I love it. I love all ethnicities, and when we have Club Rush or if I'm talking to people about BSU I make sure, like that's my biggest thing. I want inclusiveness. I don't want just black students. I want every student, no matter what you are. If you are a trans, if you're gay, you're lesbian, anything, I want you to come. And that's one thing that I struggle about, but I definitely want that to keep happening. '

What are the goals of the BSU?

As president, when I first started out, I was like, "Man, before I leave "I just wanna change BSU. "I wanna get a lotta people in. "I wanna make sure financial planning "is the biggest part that we do." So for me having this, what's the word I'm thinking about? Having this opportunity, I feel like it can help BSU grow. Because not a lotta people know about BSU, or they're iffy on it, and just having this I feel like it could help. And that's why we have Black History Month. We have our Soul Food Night, which is amazing. I'm so excited this year. We have our panel, and our panel helps people answer questions about politics and race in general. This year we're hoping to focus on love, and also our dance, which just brings other people in together. And by being a part of that, I think in the next three years with this semester and next semester and last semester, it's just gonna keep on bringing people in, because we wanna bring people in. And we wanna make sure that we're not divided but we are together as one.