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Leilani Didier | Faces of Snow


Who are you, where are you from, and what is your major?

My name is Leilani Didier, my major is Finance, hopefully trying to get a PhD in a couple of years. And I am originally from Winsted, Connecticut, a small town just like Ephraim. And when I was 15, I moved to Taylorsville, Utah.

What was the last hobby you picked up?

I'm not a hobby person, but for as long as I can remember, I've loved to read, its my favorite thing. I'm kind of a book nerd, so.

What is your favorite book?

I am starting to read "Outlander," so I'm starting to really like that one. But if I had to pick anything, it would be like "Twilight" or "The Hunger Games" or "Alice in Zombieland" series.

Team Jacob or Edward?

Edward. I dunno why people like Jacob. It's 'cause of the muscles, but. You gotta look deeper. Edward is the man.

What is the best part about Ephraim UT?

That I can drive around and not get lost. I love night-driving, so if I can go anywhere, and I can end up back home in like two minutes, is really easy, so that's why I like.

What is your favorite place on campus?

The Multi-Cultural Center, because it just makes you feel like you belong somewhere here on campus. And you go in and Paki is usually like, "Hey, Leilani," and I'm lke, "Hi, Paki." And it's just really awesome, so. I love the MCC.

How is Ephraim UT different from your hometown?

It was mainly that the nationality, like the ethnicity of people. In Connecticut, you see a lot of Hispanics and African-Americans, and Asian and all different kind of races. But when you come to Utah, it's mainly focused on those who are Caucasian. And also the houses, om my God, I've been house-shopping the past like month, each Saturday, and it's very modern, and amazing over here. but in Connecticut, it's the traditional, old historical, so. It's really nice over here.

Where are your parents now?

My parents live in South Carolina, so. They are living on John's Island, South Carolina.

What do you miss most about home?

My mom's cooking. She made the best food. Like she would, she'll start on a recipe, and then totally divert from it, and usually you're watching her putting it in, and you're like, "I dunno if this is gonna taste good." But it always turns out amazing, so I miss that. And I just miss my sisters giving me hugs. They're crazy and very annoying, but I do miss that.

What is your favorite dish cooked by your mom?

Mac and cheese. She makes homemade mac and cheese and it's the best thing. I kinda compete with her. I think I have the best. But hers comes close. I love her mashed sweet potatoes when she'll put like brown sugar and marshmallows, it's to die for.

When you are not in class, where would we find you?

Mentoring. I'm a mentor for the Multi-Cultural Center. So it's either I'm mentoring, or I'm at home doing homework or reading a book, so.

What is one thing that not many people know about you?

When I was 14, back in Connecticut, they had this program called YEA, it's Young Entrepreneurship Academy. And they're very selective about who they would pick, and the program itself helps young students have their own business, and I was one out of 12 students, to be able to be picked for that. So I started my own company, and we were able to learn how to build a business plan. We did like an investment thing like "Shark Tank," and I was able to get money to own my business. When I left Connecticut, I stopped doing it, though.

What would you tell your younger self?

I think when I was younger, I hated asking for help. And I still do hate asking for help. But now I've come to notice that it's a good thing sometimes when you really need help, either if that's emotional, or physical or educational, it's really good to ask for help. And I'm still learning how to do it because I'm stubborn, I'm opinionated, and I, I just hate it. And I hate relying on people. I like to be independent, but that's one thing that I would tell myself is, learn to let others help.

What would you say to a person thinking of coming to Snow College?

It's so worth it. I mean it's a smaller town, but with coming to Snow, you get to know more of your peers. Since I'm a business major, I see the same people over and over, but I've created connections with them that, it might go into when I leave Snow, but it's definitely worth it. And the faculty is amazing. They wanna help you, they care for you, and they try as hard as they possibly can.

What is your favorite part about Snow College?

So I can admit that I came here because of my friend. She convinced two of us to come here. And at first I didn't really want to 'cause it was a small town, it was away from home. But I think by coming here to Snow, you're gonna learn better. You are going to achieve much more than you would be able to at the University of Utah, because of the bigger class sizes. Like I said before, since it's a smaller school, your teachers get to know you by your name, and they have so many different events that you can do, and of course free food, which is the best thing. And just give it a semester, you're gonna love it, and the reason why is because you're gonna make so many friends, whether that's with students around you, or getting to know your teachers and laughing along with them as they make a wack joke in class, so. I think it's worth it, so. Give it a semester, give it two, and the scholarships here are fantastic, It's affordable, so why not come to Snow?