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Badger Family

Badger Nation

This past week has been monumental. At Snow College, classes have been canceled, then some on-campus services have closed, and finally, the adjustment to finish this semester purely online after spring break. Outside of Snow College, there are many other sectors that have limited services or shut down altogether.⁠

Recognizing this global crisis, we hope that we are respectful to those being affected in different ways. We hope the student body at Snow College will stay healthy emotionally, mentally, and physically through these trying times of uncertainty. ⁠

As you look back at your Snow college experience, you will forever remember the changes that happened so rapidly last week. This is your time for academic growth, achieving independence, and making connections with other students. Make it count online and finish strong, BADGER NATION. ⁠

What will we do on social media in the days and weeks ahead? We will use our digital platforms to provide content that is informative, interesting, and entertaining. Though we are separated physically, let’s be together on social media. Share your stories as we will share ours. We will rebuild from this.⁠

It’s the Spirit of Snow.⁠

Wherever you find yourself, be proud to be a Badger.⁠