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Alen Hajric | Snow College Alumni

Alen Hajric

Meet Alen Hajric! He's a organizational communications major from Mostar, Bosnia. Check out his interview answers below to get to know Alen.⁠⠀

  1. What hobbies did you pick up?
  2. I picked up a Frisbee golfing. That was a pretty fun one. Never done it in my life. Also, I know there was a bunch of kids that were snowboarders and skiers here, and I just picked up a little club that they had going on, not an on campus club, but just a little organization of people that went up Fairview Canyon and would drive each other up and down and snowboard and ski on the mountain that was untouched, which was really awesome

  3. What's your favorite spot in Ephraim off-campus?⁠
  4. There's a little trail just right behind campus that you can follow up, which can take you obviously up to the S if you were to hike up there so you can hike up to the S, which is really cool. But there was a really cool spot to just have a little fire pit with some friends.⁠

  5. What did you miss most about home?⁠⠀
  6. My favorite place is this sidewalk, especially in the springtime because the trees have cherry blossoms and they're so pretty, but I also loved the library because it was a fun place to go and get homework done, but also to socialize. I think I went to the library more to socialize than to do my homework. That is really good.

  7. In your free time, what did you do while you were here?⁠⠀
  8. I tried to get as involved as possible when I was here. You know, anything with student life from the soup nights to the welcome back dance, just things like that. But I got involved with the student body advocate program. I was never an SBA, but I was just a volunteer. I joined one of the committees and that's really all I needed to kind of help progress my higher education.⁠

  9. What's the most underrated spot on campus?⁠
  10. I guess I'm just going to put this out, but me and my buddies my first semester found a little spot in The Eccles building.

  11. How do you feel about your time at Snow College?
  12. I was just going to say if you are deciding on what college you want to go to, what university; I definitely highly recommend looking at the junior college route. Not a lot of people think about it and they think it's a lesser way to go, or maybe you don't have enough grades to get to a different university, but that's not the case. A lot of times, it's just a way to have a more affordable education, but you're still getting the same experience. And I've still created the same opportunities that I've made here that my other friends have made at bigger universities, so a junior college route is definitely the way to go, I believe.