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Erica Muñoz | Faces of Snow

Who are you?

I am Erica Muñoz. I am from Ephraim, so I travel and I carpool with three other girls. I am studying right now to get my license for cosmetology and barbering. So, a cosmetologist or a barber is basically my main focus.

What do you like to do outside of class?

I would probably say, cooking. I love Italian. I'm Mexican, but Italian's like...umm.

What was the last hobby you picked up?

The last hobby I picked up is braiding. I recently learned how to braid. I was terrible at it and my friend taught me, 'cause I was legit like, going to cry about it. She's like, "No no no, don't give up." So then, went back and she just showed me step-by-step.

What is the best part about the Richfiled Community?

Yeah. The community here, everybody's welcoming. Like, especially here in the department. But like, everywhere else, you go to Lin's, you go to WalMart, and then everyone's just friendly. Like they greet you with a smile and it's like... I was scared, 'cause I come from Ephraim and it's like, something different. People I don't know. You never know how they're gonna act, but I just think everybody's welcoming.

What is your favorite place on campus?

On campus besides here in the salon, I love the Badger Den. We always go eat lunch over there and they have pool tables, they have ping pong, foosball, everything, they have, they even have Guitar Hero there. So we literally just sit there with the bean bags and everything and hang out.

When you are not in class we could find you...

Back home at work or at the library on campus at Ephraim, studying for like, our theory test, or PDP, which is professional development. So everything we learn here at school, so we study that. So I'll be either at work, home, or at the library.

What do you like about Snow?

First off the people. The instructors are very helpful too. So let's say I'm struggling on something and they're right there whenever I need them. Meeting new people, seeing new faces. Having return clients is really fun. And just the experience, everything hands on, and you learn new things and we get educators coming and that's what kind of keeps our skill and techniques going too.

What will you do after you graduate?

The next step? So, spring semester is my last semester and I am planning on taking three more business classes to get my AS certification. Meaning that I can open a salon and have people work under me. I wanna open a salon/spa. My sister is going to master, she's getting her Masters in Aesthetics. So we kind of wanna combine, do cosmetology, barbering, and aesthetics. So like, make it legit salon/spa.