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Tenzin Norzom | Faces of Snow

Who are you?

I'm Norzom. I'm from India. I was born and raised in India. But I like to say that I'm Tibetan. I believe that even though I'm raised in a different country, my ethnicity, and where I'm from will always be the same. So I always wanna kind of cultivate it through where I belong from. Currently, at Snow I am doing my Associate Degree in Science, and just getting my generals done.

What are you thinking of doing after Snow College?

I'm thinking about going to a four year university, probably doing something in medicine. So I feel like going to a community college before going to a bigger university helps me bring out like, meet new teachers and students. And in a smaller classes, helps me build it before I got to a bigger environment or space, yeah.

How did you end up in Utah?

So, I had a really good opportunity to come to United States for my High School, so I went to Wasatch Academy which is in Mt. Pleasant. And that was one of my best four years in my entire life, and it was a great journey.

What is the last hobby you picked up?

Playing tennis. It was funny how where I grew up, I was never encountered with playing tennis. But as soon as I came to United States, I was brought to play tennis, and it's something I really enjoy now.

What do you miss about home?

Without a doubt, I'd say food. Yes, food is something that makes me feel so much more like home, and it brings a lot of culture and also a sense of belonging, and that's something I really miss about back home. I'd say, Tibetan dumpling.

What is the best part about living in Ephraim?

Okay, I'd say living in Ephraim is really different from where I grew up, but similar in the way that how a community is together. Ephraim is a small city, I should say, which helps us know more people and have a different kind of bonding with each other. And help you know each other better which is a sense of community they form, and that's something I like about Ephraim.

When I am not in class you will find me...

I would say traveling. I really love to travel, I like learning about new stuff and new culture and I really love to know more about different stuff. So If I'm not in school, I'll probably be learning stuff from other countries by traveling.

What would you say to someone if they were considering Snow College?

I would say, if you are trying to get ready to go to a bigger university, and you need a head start to actually gain those information and knowledge before you enter a bigger environment, I think Snow College the best for that. Because they will help you, and they will grow you as a bigger person and a better student.

How do your parents feel about you being in the US?

My parents have always been really supportive of what I do, and what I want to do in life. They have never been like, you can't do that because it's so far, you know. They have always encouraged me to do something that I would love to do and when they heard about me going to the United States, they were more than happy about it.

What would you like to share with the Student Body?

Bringing the diversity in a community, brings a lot of different ideas about things. 'cause I feel like if you are only including something that you know from your younger self, then you would never be open about what other people have to say, and kind of like encourage it. So I feel like bringing diversity kind of make a big influence on how you think about life.