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Behavioral Science

Chair: Dennis Schugk
Chair Phone: (435) 283-7580

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Criminal Justice

Contact: Dennis Schugk
Contact info: (435)283-7580 



Contact: Nick Marsing
Phone: (435) 283-7543


Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes. Psychologists study behavior, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, memory, motivation, emotion, development, personality, attitudes and attitude change, group processes, interpersonal attraction, prosocial behavior, leadership, aggression, and prejudice. They study principles of effective behavior and harmonious interaction. Psychologist also study the methods by which valid psychological knowledge is obtained.

Students who complete the recommended psychology curriculum at Snow College will be prepared to continue their studies at most four-year institutions in Utah.

Social Work

Contact: Eldon Barnes
Phone: (435) 283-7581



Contact: Michael Brenchley
Phone: (435) 283-7526


Sociology studies the patterns of social structure and interaction from the micro-level through the macro- level of social analysis. It uses human demography and human ecology as a background for three major theoretical frameworks: Symbolic Interaction Theory, Functional Theory, and Conflict Theory. Sociology encourages students to develop a ‚Äúsociological imagination‚ÄĚ through which they may develop insights into how social forces at all levels form a complex playing- field of social life on which, through their interaction with others, students may maximize their opportunities


Students who complete the two sociology courses offered at Snow College are expected to demonstrate that they

  • know the major concepts of those courses;
  • now the major viewpoints of Symbolic Interaction Theory, Functionalist Theory and Conflict Theory; 
  • know the concepts behind human ecology and human demography.