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Chair: Sanali Dittli
Phone: (435)283-7539


Chemistry is the study of matter and its changes. Chemistry is a very broad discipline that is considered essential training for engineers, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, and science teachers as well as for all those pursuing any program in life or physical science. Chemistry broadly includes the study of inorganic, organic, and biologically important compounds as well as the physical and analytical characterization of these materials. Snow College has had excellent success providing exceptional preparation for those desiring to continue in chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacy, and other premedical and science programs. The Chemistry Department offers general education courses to teach basic principles of scientific thought as it applies to matter and its properties and transformations. General Education students also are able to engage in laboratory experiences. Laboratories are an integral part of chemistry studies at Snow College and provide hands-on experience with the concepts discussed in classes.

Students who complete an emphasis in chemistry at Snow College will be expected to demonstrate that they

  • understand the principles of chemistry and the scientific method;
  • understand the impact of chemistry in their lives;
  • realize that chemistry is fundamental in understanding other natural sciences;
  • can apply chemical principles to solve problems;
  • can use chemical laboratory equipment and instruments;
  • appreciate the usefulness of chemistry as a tool for solving problems;
  • appreciate the way scientific research is done and the importance of the scientific method;
  • appreciate medical, industrial and technological innovations resulting from the study of chemistry.