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Scholarship Deferment Information


  • Deferment forms must be received prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student wishes to begin their leave of absence.
    • If a deferment form is not received, or turned in late, the student's scholarship(s) may not be placed on hold.
  • Generally, academic waivers & some performance-based awards are the only scholarships that are deferrable. Scholarship deferment eligibility is detailed on the student's scholarship contract.
  • It is the student's responsibility to notify the Snow College scholarship office upon his/her return or enrollment.
  • Without a consent to release information form being completed, Snow College officials cannot discuss admission or scholarship information with any person other than the student. These forms must be completed & signed by the student.
  • Scholarships can be placed on hold for up to 5 semesters.
  • Acceptable reasons to defer a scholarship and admission status include, but are not limited to; an illness or accident preventing enrollment, military service or church service.
  • Students must submit the appropriate documentation in addition to the leave of absence/deferment form. Documentation must be emailed to email address for this person or mailed to Snow College, 150 East College Ave, Ephraim UT 84627, attn: scholarship office.